Functions are a great supplement to our regular restaurant business. Because of our regular business and limitations in the kitchen, we have to limit when, and how many people we can accommodate for a function. We are able to do functions in the day time, but night functions are very limited, if we can do them at all. We do not do cocktail parties or any parties of this nature. The function room seats 65 people comfortably. The functions have to be limited to buffets, we are unable to do plated functions, and the function menu has to be consistent with the items on the regular menu. The reasons we have to limit functions are the kitchen facility, parking, and our regular business. We are primarily a restaurant, and that has to always be our priority. Our objective, as is the objective of any business, is to do as much business as we can, but whatever we do, we want to do it well, and we want to do it consistently.